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The Finalists 2022

We are pleased to announce the 2022 just IMAGINE if… finalists!

Fela Akinse

Using plastic waste to make a modular range of shoes.

Natasha Boulding

Transforming unusable and undesirable plastic waste into aggregate for concrete.

Tsechu Dolma

Pioneering new datasets and algorithms to tackle biases in artificial intelligence models.

Alicja Dzieciol

Enabling growers to efficiently and sustainably grow crops under a vast range of conditions.

Eric Kariuki

Optimising production processes for biofuels from non-food-grade crops/waste.

Dennis Nyarko

Simultaneously tackling the high cost of fish feed and unsustainable waste management in Ghana.

Mary Sweere

Upcycling rubber tyres to make materials for the construction industry.

Kaushal Shetty

Providing affordable, sustainable housing for communities in crisis.

Nadia Fani

Using 3D printing to produce CO2 negative concrete.  

Oskar Zieba

A sustainable premium fashion brand using cork leather, one of the most sustainable alternatives to animal leather.

Key Dates

24th Mar 22: Competition final in Durham

July 21 – March 22: Support programme for finalists

12th July 21: Relaunch of just IMAGINE if…2022

30th Mar 20: Postponed Competition Final
4th Mar 20: Finalists Announced

9th Feb 20: Competition closes
26th Nov 19: Competition opens

25th Nov 19: just IMAGINE if…2020 launch